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Chart Lag Test

#lang racket

(require math/statistics

;; Begin code from Alex H from ActivityLog2. GPL v3.0 Licensed

(define (draw-centered-message dc msg font)
  (let-values (([cw ch] (send dc get-size))
               ([w h x y] (send dc get-text-extent msg font #t)))
    (send dc set-font font)
    (send dc set-text-foreground "gray")
    (let ((ox (- (/ cw 2) (/ w 2)))
          (oy (- (/ ch 2) (/ h 2))))
      (send dc draw-text msg ox oy))))

(define read-only-pb%
  (class pasteboard%
    (define writable? #t)
    (define main-snip #f)
    (define floating-snips '())
    ;; Message to be shown when there is no main snip in the canvas.
    (define no-main-snip-message #f)
    (define message-font
      (send the-font-list find-or-create-font 36 'default 'normal 'normal))

    (define/public (set-writable w?) (set! writable? w?))

    ;; (define/augment (can-change-style? start len) writable?)
    (define/augment (can-delete? snip) writable?)
    (define/augment (can-insert? snip before x y) writable?)
    (define/augment (can-load-file? filename format) writable?)
    (define/augment (can-save-file? filename format) writable?)
    (define/augment (can-move-to? snip x y dragging?)
      (or (not dragging?) (not (eq? snip main-snip))))
    (define/override (can-do-edit-operation? op [recursive? #t])
      (case op
        [(copy select-all)  #t]
        [else    writable?]))

    (define/augment (on-insert snip before x y)
      (unless (send this find-first-snip)
        (set! main-snip snip)))
    (define/augment (after-insert snip before x y)
      (when (eq? main-snip snip)
        (send this move-to snip 0 0))
      (when (and main-snip (not (eq? snip main-snip)))
        (send this set-before snip main-snip)))

    (define/public (set-background-message msg)
      (set! no-main-snip-message msg))

    (define/override (on-paint before? dc left top right bottom dx dy draw-caret)
      (when before?
        ;; Draw a message when there is no snip in the pasteboard.
        (unless (send this find-first-snip)
          (send dc clear)
          (when no-main-snip-message
            (draw-centered-message dc no-main-snip-message message-font)))))

    ;;(send this hide-caret #t)
    (send this set-selection-visible #f)

(define settable-snip-canvas%
  (class editor-canvas%
    (init parent
          [style null]
          [label #f]
          [horizontal-inset 5]
          [vertical-inset 5]
          [enabled #t]
          [vert-margin 0]
          [horiz-margin 0]
          [min-width 0]
          [min-height 0]
          [stretchable-width #t]
          [stretchable-height #t])

    (define snip #f)
    (define pb (new read-only-pb%))
    (send pb set-writable #f)

    (define/public (get-snip) snip)

    (define/override (on-size w h)
      (update-snip w h)
      (super on-size w h))

    (define/override (on-paint)
      (set! paint-event-stats (update-statistics paint-event-stats (- (current-inexact-milliseconds) paint-event-time)))
      (set! paint-event-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))
      (super on-paint))

    (define (update-snip w h)
      (define snip-w (max 0 (- w (* 2 horizontal-inset))))
      (define snip-h (max 0 (- h (* 2 vertical-inset))))
      (when snip
        (send snip resize snip-w snip-h)
        (send pb move-to snip 0 0)))

    (define/public (set-snip s)
      (set! snip s)
      (send this suspend-flush)
      (send pb set-writable #t)
      (send pb begin-edit-sequence #f)
      (send pb erase)
      (when snip
        (let-values (([w h] (send (send this get-dc) get-size)))
          (update-snip w h))
        (send pb insert snip))
      (send pb end-edit-sequence)
      (send pb set-writable #f)
      (send this resume-flush))

    (define/public (set-floating-snip s)
      (send pb set-writable #t)
      (send pb insert s)
      (send pb set-writable #f))

    (define/public (export-image-to-file file-name (width #f) (height #f))
      (let-values (((cw ch) (send this get-size)))
        (unless (and width height)
          (set! width (or width cw))
          (set! height (or height ch)))
        (let* ((bitmap (if (regexp-match #px".*\\.(?i:svg)" file-name)
                           (make-bitmap width height #t)))
               (dc (if bitmap
                       (new bitmap-dc% [bitmap bitmap])
                       (new svg-dc%
                            [width width] [height height]
                            [output file-name]
                            [exists 'truncate/replace]))))
          ;; NOTE: scaling works, but makes the entire plot blurry
          (send dc scale (/ width cw) (/ height ch))
          (unless bitmap
            (send dc start-doc "export to file"))
          ;; NOTE: print-to-dc handles start-page/end-page calls
          (send (send this get-editor) print-to-dc dc 0)
          (unless bitmap
            (send dc end-doc))
          (when bitmap
            (send bitmap save-file file-name 'png)))))

    (super-new [parent parent]
               [editor pb]
               [horizontal-inset horizontal-inset]
               [vertical-inset vertical-inset]
               [label label]
               [enabled enabled]
               [style (list* 'no-hscroll 'no-vscroll style)]
               [vert-margin vert-margin]
               [horiz-margin horiz-margin]
               [min-width min-width]
               [min-height min-height]
               [stretchable-width stretchable-width]
               [stretchable-height stretchable-height])

    (define/public (set-background-message msg)
      (send pb set-background-message msg)
      (send this refresh))

    ;(send this lazy-refresh #t)

;; End code from Alex H from ActivityLog2

(define mouse-event-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))

(define mouse-event-stats empty-statistics)

(define paint-event-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))

(define paint-event-stats empty-statistics)

(define ((make-current-value-renderer fn) snip event x y)
  (set! mouse-event-stats (update-statistics mouse-event-stats (- (current-inexact-milliseconds) mouse-event-time)))
  (set! mouse-event-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))
  (define overlays
    (and x y (eq? (send event get-event-type) 'motion)
         (list (vrule x #:style 'long-dash)
               (point-label (vector x (fn x)) #:anchor 'auto))))
  (send snip set-overlay-renderers overlays))

(define main-window (new frame% [label ""]
                         [width 1000]
                         [height 1000]))

(define plot-canvas (new settable-snip-canvas%
                         [parent main-window]))

(define snip (plot-snip (function sin) #:x-min 0 #:x-max (* 2 pi) #:y-min -1.5 #:y-max 1.5))

(send snip set-mouse-event-callback (make-current-value-renderer sin))

(send plot-canvas set-snip snip)

(send main-window show #t)

(thread (λ ()
          (sleep 10)
          (printf "Mouse\nMin: ~a\nMax: ~a\nMean: ~a\nStdDev: ~a\n\n" (statistics-min mouse-event-stats) (statistics-max mouse-event-stats)
                  (statistics-mean mouse-event-stats) (statistics-stddev mouse-event-stats))
          (printf "Paint\nMin: ~a\nMax: ~a\nMean: ~a\nStdDev: ~a\n\n" (statistics-min paint-event-stats) (statistics-max paint-event-stats)
                  (statistics-mean paint-event-stats) (statistics-stddev paint-event-stats))))